An Old Flame of Felicia’s Moves to “Acacias”
An Old Flame of Felicia’s Moves to “Acacias”


An Old Flame of Felicia’s Moves to “Acacias”

Don Marcos (Marcial Álvarez), Felicia’s childhood sweetheart, unexpectedly appears at “Acacias 38” and intends to move into the neighborhood with his daughter.

Starting Friday, March 13, at 6:10 p.m. on La 1.

The vibe on “Acacias 38” this week is euphoric. The neighbors are delighted about the upcoming double wedding to be celebrated by Felicia's children, and everyone is busy preparing for this important event.

The matriarch of the Pasamar family is so happy that the last thing she could possibly have expected is that the past would come back to haunt her in the form of one of her customers. An elegant older gentleman enters the Nuevo Siglo XX restaurant when Felicia and her son are about to close to go to the theater. Felicia is stunned when she immediately recognizes the gentlemen: it is Marcos Bacigalupe (Marcial Alvarez). The man is also in shock when he sees her and cannot believe his eyes. They hadn’t seen each other in over 30 years.

The two are from the same village in Cantabria and were friends as children and young adults. Don Marcos explains that he had to emigrate to South America out of economic necessity. He asks after Felicia’s late husband and also meets Camino. Don Marcos has a daughter about Camino’s age, Anabel (Olga Haenke), who will soon join him in Spain.

He plans on staying in town, although it's not entirely clear why, but he is urgently looking for a place to stay. And, at first glance, Acacias seems like the perfect neighborhood to settle down in with his daughter. Is his encounter with Felicia just a coincidence?

Marcos Bacigalupe (Marcial Álvarez) – Episode 1,221 – March 13

An elegant, intelligent, and tenacious middle-aged widower. He arrives in Acacias after spending years living in Mexico, where he managed to make a lot of money, enough to buy a house in the neighborhood. 

Anabel Bacigalupe (Olga Haenke) – Episode 1,231 – March 27

Don Marcos' daughter.  Anabel is stunning and has an indomitable spirit. She is a spoiled young woman who is used to acting on her every whim. The neighborhood of Acacias is too small for her, but she gets along smashingly well with Camino, who soon becomes her best friend. And yet, Anabel is haunted by her past…

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