Aitana, Beret, Blas Cantó, and Rozalén: Assistant Coaches in the Next Edition of “The Voice Kids”
Aitana, Beret, Blas Cantó, and Rozalén: Assistant Coaches in the Next Edition of “The Voice Kids”


Aitana, Beret, Blas Cantó, and Rozalén: Assistant Coaches in the Next Edition of “The Voice Kids”

“The Voice Kids” is currently taping the Battles for the upcoming edition of the format.

David Bisbal, Rosario, Vanesa Martín, and Melendi are back in the judges’ seats after demonstrating their strong connection on the show.

Eva González will once again be at the helm of the format.

Produced by Boomerang TV in collaboration with Atresmedia Televisión, “The Voice Kids” is one of the world’s biggest music formats.

"The Voice" became the most-watched talent show of 2019, closing with an average of 2.7 million viewers.

“The Voice Kids” is shooting its upcoming edition. The talent show, which airs Antena 3 and is produced by Boomerang TV in collaboration with Atresmedia TV, will return soon with a new season of seeing the best child singers get up on stage to prove their potential from a young age.

In this second season of “The Voice Kids” on Antena 3, the show will once again feature David Bisbal, Rosario, Vanesa Martín, and Melendi as coaches. These four artists have proven their connection in the current edition of the talent show and will now be joining “The Voice Kids” once again.

The coaches won’t have to select the best talents on the show alone. They’ll have help from the Assistant Coaches who’ll sit beside them during the Battles stage. Aitana will be Assistant Coach to David Bisbal, Beret will be by Melendi’s side, Blas Cantó will sit next to Vanesa Martín, and Rozalén will assist Rosario Flores.

Aitana, Assistant Coach to David Bisbal

Aitana has quite naturally become a musical and social phenomenon. She is currently the most internationally famous top new female Spanish artist in recent times.

She has amassed 16 platinum records, ten gold records, a nomination for Best Artis at the 20th edition of the Latin Grammys, and four nominations at the 2019 Los40 Music Awards, where she won Best Artist. Aitana has also been nominated to the 2020 Premios Odeón Music Awards, where she won Best New Artist and was the most seen and listened to artist in Spain during the launch of the first album of her career. Unprecedented achievements in Spain's musical history in a new artist.

Aitana has collaborated with major national and international artists such as David Bisbal, Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra, Lele Pons, Tini, Greeicy, Morat, Cali, El Dandee, and Zayn (Aladdin 2019, Disney).

Beret, Assistant Coach to Melendi

Beret started out posting original songs on YouTube until publishing his first solo works, “Efímero” and “Vértigo,” creating a physical format for the first time with the latter. His style is a combination of urban pop and reggae, although he prefers to avoid musical labels and is determined to create things from the heart.

Beret captured the masses with this song "Lo Siento," which put him at the top of the radio charts. It won for Platinum Album certifications in Spain and received an award for Best Song of the Year in 2019 at the Los 40 Music Awards. The single has managed to cross borders and become a hit in Latin America with the version he created with Mexican singer Sofía Reyes.

In 2019, Beret launched “Prisma,” an album that includes all his greatest hits and major collaborations with Pablo Alborán, Melendi, Vanesa Martín, Sofía Reyes, and Sebastián Yatra. The album ranked second in the list of physical records during its first week and remained first in the ranking of streaming albums for eight (nonconsecutive) weeks, amassing over 15 million plays since its launch. Beret, who has amassed a total of a billion plays on digital platforms, has recently received the 2020 Odeón Award for Best Male Artist.

Blas Cantó, Assistant Coach to Vanesa Martín

Blas Cantó enjoyed massive success with his group Auryn, which became the most famous boyband in the history of Spain.

After seven years in the band, over 300,000 records sold, 500 concerts in Spain and Latin America, and very important awards like the 40 Principales Awards and European MTV Music Awards, members of Auryn decided to take a break for an indefinite period.

After this, Blas Cantó was proclaimed the winner of the most successful new season of "Tu Cara Me Suena" (Antena 3). He became one of the most beloved celebrities in Spain and started appearing on all the most prestigious magazine covers and media outlets.

His first album, "Complicados," has consolidated Blas Cantó as a solo artist. His first hit was "Él No Soy Yo," a single that went Double Platinum and was among the songs that got the most radio play in our country. Blas has offered over 60 concerts on his tour and will be representing Spain in the next edition of Eurovision.

Rozalén, Assistant Coach to Rosario Flores

Rozalén is one of the maximum exponents of the new Spanish songwriter movement. With three works produced, Rozalén has captivated audiences and critics alike.

Among other important distinctions, Rozalén has won two Platinum Records and two Gold Records, Castilla-La Mancha's Professional Merit Plaque, and two Latin Grammy nominations: Best Album of the Year, for his work "Cuando El Río Suena…," with ranked Number 1 on the Spanish sales charts, and Best Song of the Year for "La Puerta Violeta."

Rozalén’s latest tour drew over 300,000 fans, with nearly 150 concerts held in Spain, Europe, and Latin America. This data makes her the most successful tour by a female artist in 2018.

Moreover, Rozalén’s music defends the rights of minorities and underprivileged communities. On stage, she has appeared accompanied by sign language interpreter Beatriz Romero. And so, she advocates for making shows inclusive and apt for all audiences.

At present, the artist is recording her next work, which will see the light this summer.

Eva González, Master of Ceremonies

Once again this season, Eva González will be at the helm of the various versions of "The Voice." This time, she will once again be guiding the children. This season, the host has proven to be one of the most famous faces in entertainment in our country.

Once again, Eva González will be in charge of watching the contest along with the families during the first stage of the show. They're more nervous than anyone watching their children get up on stage, and the hostess will be in charge of accompanying them during these very delicate moments.

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