“Acacias 38” Starts the New Year with New Characters
“Acacias 38” Starts the New Year with New Characters


“Acacias 38” Starts the New Year with New Characters

Starting January 3rd, Cisco Lara will play Ildefonso Cortés, an attractive gentleman whom Felicia sets up on dates with her daughter Camino.

A few days later, a stranger starts prowling around Acacias asking questions about Bellita: it's Julio Expósito, who'll be played by actor Adrián Reyes beginning January 9th.

"Acacias 38" airs Monday through Friday at 18:20 on La1.

“Acacias 38,” the series produced by Boomerang TV and RTVE as an afternoon daily on La 1,  starts off the year with two new additions to the cast. Cisco Lara joins the series as Ildefonso Cortés, an extravagant aristocrat, while Adrián Reyes plays Julio Expósito, one of Bellita and José’s admirers.

Cisco Lara is Ildefonso Cortés (Episode 1,172)

Ildefonso is an attractive, courteous gentleman. The young military officer is heir to the Marquis of Pontones, a wealthy, extravagant aristocrat who intends to leave his vast fortune to his only grandson. Ildefonso arrives in Acacias hand in hand with Rosina, who proposes him as a suitor for her friend Felicia's daughter. On their first date, he makes a favorable impression on Camino, because he is pleasant to talk to and has a great sense of humor. The news that everything went well between her daughter and this new candidate couldn't possibly make Felicia any happier. Maite, who had to give up her true love to stay in Acacias, bitterly observes the couple and grows jealous.

Adrián Reyes is Julio Expósito (Episode 1,175)

A stranger starts lurking around the neighborhood asking questions about Bellita and, after the baptism of Lolita and Antoñito's baby, Servando warns Emilio that a stranger has been going around asking about the artist. Emilio confronts the stranger, who identifies himself as Julio Expósito, an admirer of Bellita and José's from their village in Almería. His only dream is to get an autographed photo of the couple.

Julio is a friendly guy who is easy-going and a bit witty. He arrives in Acacias on leave from the army in search of Bellita del Campo because he greatly admires both the artist and her husband.

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