The drama series produced by Boomerang TV for RTVE will bid audiences farewell airing its final episode next Tuesday, May 4. 

After over six years on the air, “Acacias 38” will conclude its plots in an exciting final episode that promises to be full of surprises.

"Acacias 38" has managed to cross borders, becoming a massive success in Italy, where it airs daily, drawing impressive ratings.

“Acacias 38” is on its final stretch and airing its last few episodes before biding audiences farewell in style on Tuesday, May 4.  The drama produced by Boomerang TV for RTVE will air the conclusion of its plotlines and bid fans farewell with an emotionally charged surprise ending.

The Past Six Years in Figures

Over the past six years, the Boomerang TV series has become a driving force of the audiovisual industry. An excellent technical and creative team will bring the storylines to an end in episode 1483. This comes after 1,300 shooting days, recording over 9,450 hours of footage, and with more than 437 actors appearing in the series.

The writing team has written over 63,000 pages to develop all the plot twists and turns that have taken place in the stately neighborhood of Acacias. More than 24,000 sequences have helped show how this neighborhood evolved between 1903 and 1920. Furthermore, the series has twice jumped forward in time to incorporate new plots and characters. 

Over 100 people have worked as part of the technical crew on “Acacias 38,” producing more than one episode a day. They managed to keep the show on the air during the pandemic thanks to exemplary preventive measures, adapting the set and shooting days.  What’s more, the series has never interrupted its broadcast, even after the fire that destroyed the set where the first few seasons were shot. During that period, the scripts were re-written so that the crew could continue shooting while the new indoor sets were being built. The backdrop for the famous Acacias Street was rebuilt in record time. The production was able to pick up the plots they had initially planned in just a few weeks without viewers ever noticing the significant adjustments that had to be made.

Huge Impact and International Success

Over the years, “Acacias 38” has also drawn a large following on social networks. Some of its plotlines, such as the one starring Maite and Camino, have attained great notoriety. This story became a global phenomenon known by its alias #Maitino and trended day after day thanks to the numerous comments shared by national and international fans alike.  The love story was so successful that the plot was continued in the form of a podcast, "#Maitino: The Podcast." The 12-episode spinoff showed the continuation of the love story between the characters played by Aria Bedmar and Ylenia Baglietto in Paris.

Moreover, “Acacias 38” also became a massive success in Italy, where it has aired for over five years under the title “Una Vita.” In that country, the drama series is hugely popular among audiences on Canale 5, leading its time slot day after day and beating the network’s average rating.  

The series has also aired in several Latin American countries and has been adapted in the Middle East under the title "Eugènie Nights."

What to Expect in the Final Episodes

The final episode of “Acacias 38” will feature a touching scene where viewers will see some of the most beloved neighbors on La 1’s afternoon series and part of the team that has made this daily broadcast possible as they have never seen them before.

This last episode will see Aurelio reappear in Acacias seeking revenge after coming back from the dead. Will he manage to kill Genoveva? Or will he be the one to suffer?

Following her mother’s footsteps, Genoveva’s daughter, Gabriela, reaffirms her role as the new villain in the neighborhood of Acacias.

And love still conquers all for many of the characters on Acacias: Felipe takes a chance on his love for Dori and goes to Geneva with her; Pascual asks Hortensia to marry him; Azucena decides to stay in the neighborhood with Guillermo; Ramón finally accepts the budding relationship between Lolita and Fidel, and Alodia gets back together with Ignacio.

Luck and acknowledgment are also on the side of some of the most beloved neighbors on the show: Bellita is awarded the medal of artistic merit, and Casilda wins the lottery. Now she’ll have to decide what to do with her future. Will she quit being a maid?

This episode full of tension, emotion, and love also holds two major surprises: Rosina's daughter, Leonor (Alba Brunet), is back in the neighborhood to stay. And Susana (Amparo Fernández) and Armando surprise Liberto and Rosina by offering them the chance to invest in a business that exports oil.

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