“A Different View” Launches the Shooting Stage of its Second Season with New Characters and Changes in the School
“A Different View” Launches the Shooting Stage of its Second Season with New Characters and Changes in the School


“A Different View” Launches the Shooting Stage of its Second Season with New Characters and Changes in the School

Melina Matthews and Dariam Coco join the Finishing School to play a new teacher and a recently arrived student.

Joaquín Notario will play Vicente, the mailman who is interested in Luisa (Ana Wagener) and César Vicente will portray Elías, the new gardner

The series retains its essential commitment to educating and promoting social values through the years with new storylines and characters.

The new episodes will continue to address the subject of feminism through issues related with the status of women in the early 1920s while also exploring thought-provoking similarities with the present

The crew also traveled to Seville and Carmona to shoot the exteriors for the series, which is set in the Andalusian capital

This Tuesday, “A Different View,” the series produced by Boomerang TV in collaboration with RTVE that marked a milestone last season with its commitment to the present social context, launched the shooting stage of its second installment, which will feature new story lines and new characters.

During the presentation, María Roy, Vice-President of Fiction at TVE, emphasized that the series will retain its essence in this new stage. “In addition to providing entertainment, we also want to make people think. We want to give women and the fight for equality a voice.  Even though the series is set one century ago, it’s obvious we haven’t made much progress and we have have to keep fighting every day,” she remarked.

Luis Santamaría, Boomerang TV’s Executive Producer, gave us a preview of some of the changes we’ll see in this new season: “We’re going to make a 60-minute prime-time series; and, as far as the script, we’ll create multiple plot lines to make it more dynamic. There will be new additions (Melina Matthews, Dariam Coco, Joaquín Notario, and César Vicente are joining the cast) and more outdoor locations in Seville, a crucial point because, aside from making viewers think, this series has to be pleasing to the eyes.”

New Hires

The new school year that has just begun at the Finishing School for young ladies in Seville brings new characters and changes to the institution. Melina Matthews joins the main cast to play Carmen, the new administrator and gym teacher, and a former classmate of Manuela’s (Macarena García) at the school. Her arrival stirs a huge controversy.

In addition, the school welcomes Inés (Dariam Coco), a new student who causes a huge commotion because of the color of her skin, which also generates a social scandal.

Also joining the series are Vicente (Joaquín Notario), a mailman who becomes interested in Luisa, and Elías (César Vicente), a gardener with a lot of baggage who will work under orders from Ramón (Juanlu González).

New School Year, New Challenges

Things were not easy for the the school’s director, Manuela (Macarena García), or for the rest of the teachers last season. And, this season, they will have to face new challenges and fight even harder to preserve the school’s values and the institution itself. The director’s efforts will focus on regaining control of her life, both personally and professionally.

The modern and independent Teresa (Patricia Lopez Arnaiz, whose role won her a Ondas Award for Best Actress) was accused of murdering her own father at the end of the previous season. Her time in jail has marked her, and she’ll need time to recover before she can be herself again. In time, she will decide to confront her adversities, stop running away and, for the first time in her life, accept responsibility.

The strict and conservative Luisa (Ana Wagener) also evolves, overcoming her prejudices and–after freeing herself of the dead-weight of her son Arcadio–becoming the protagonist of a story about love in old age.

The series’ female cast is rounded off by Carla Campra, Begoña Vargas, Lucía Díez, Paula de la Nieta, Elena Gallardo, and Abril Montilla, who play students at the school who encounter new experiences and tackle problems that still prevail in today’s society.

Meanwhile, Doña Manuela (Gloria Muñoz) still wants to continue controlling the institution she founded and hires a new administrator to manage the Finishing School’s accounts.

In an attempt to protect her family after being threatened because of her sexual orientation, Ángela (Cecilia Freire) decides to leave Seville and accepts a job as a teacher at a Young Ladies’ Finishing School in Madrid.

Joining these strong female characters are Álvaro Mel, Jordi Coll, Juanlu González and Carlos Olalla, who will continue to be part of the world of the Finishing School with important roles alongside these women.

Educational Essence and the Status of Women

In its second season, “A Different View” will retain its educational essence and continue to address feminism through issues related with the status of women in the 1920s and exploring thought-provoking similarities with the present.  In these new episodes, the show will defend values such as freedom, respect, equality and tolerance as well as other relevant issues such as racism, class discrimination, women in the public sphere, the role of women in various occupations, and the fear of change, among others.

This season, the screenwriting team will be coordinated by Alba Lucio (“Olmos y Robles,” “Pepe’s Beach Bar”), who will work alongside Irene Rodríguez (“Vive cantando”), Ana Muniz da Cunha (“The Red Eagle,” “The Boarding School,” “Los Serrano”) and Tatiana Rodríguez (“Without Identity,” “La fuga,” “Compañeros”, “The Red Eagle,” the Mexican series “Atrapada”).  The group of female writers is deeply committed to the values “A Different View” conveys.

Shoot in Seville

The series’ crew traveled to Seville to shoot at emblematic locations in the center of the Andalusian capital–including the Muelle de la Sal (Salt Pier), the Triana Bridge, Paseo María de la O. They also visited various spectacular spots around the Andalusian province, including the Casa Palacio Hotel, Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum), Puerta de Sevilla, and the Pablo de Olavide University campus in Carmona, Playa de las Mimbres, and Dehesa de Abajo in Puebla del Río, as well as the Forestier Gardens in Castilleja de Guzmán.

Cast List

Manuela Macarena García

Teresa Patricia Lopez Arnaiz

Luisa Ana Wagener

Carmen Melina Matthews

Doña Manuela Gloria Muñoz

Flavia Carla Campra

Roberta Begoña Vargas

Margarita Lucía Díez

Macarena Paula de la Nieta

María Jesús Abril Montilla

Candela Elena Gallardo

Inés Dariam Coco

Ramón Juanlu González

Tomás Álvaro Mel

Martín Jordi Coll

Don Pascual Carlos Olalla

Vicente Joaquín Notario

Elías César Vicente

Rafita José Pastor

Álvaro José Luis Barquero

Rafael Peralta Javi Mora

Ángela Cecilia Freire

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