Boomerang TV Fiction was born in 2002 and is specialized in quality fiction products. Since then, it has managed to position itself as one of the major producers of fiction in Spain, with very successful original ideas and high-end productions.

Since its origins, the Division has been characterized by the quality and know-how of an expert creative team. Their work has been recognized with various awards, including the 2014 Liber Award for Best Audiovisual Adaptation of a Literary Work, 2014 Ondas Award, Iris Award and Zapping Award with Best Spanish Series for "The Time in Between". The Division also won a 2009 Ondas Award for Best Television Series with "Physics or Chemistry" and the 2014 ATR Award for Best Series with "Mum Detective".

Its productions include a wide range of titles such as "The Time in Between”, "Plastic Sea", "Our Guys", "The Incident". In addition, Boomerang TV is a leading producer of daily dramas like "Acacias 38" and "Old Bridge Secret", which has been on the air for over five years.

Its series are present in over 75 countries as well as on all major Spanish networks.  "Mum Detective" has been adapted in the U.S. (NBC), Italy, Holland and Russia. Meanwhile, "The Time in Between" has sold to over 75 countries, making it one of the best-selling Spanish series on the international market.


Boomerang TV Fiction

TEDY VILLALBA Executive Director of
Boomerang TV Fiction

JORGE REDONDO Executive Director of
Boomerang TV Fiction

LUIS SANTAMARÍA Executive Director of
Boomerang TV Fiction

M. A. CABALLERO-BRID Director of
Boomerang TV Fiction Production


Boomerang TV Fiction

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